Essex Region Source Protection Area - Maps

Are you in the Zone?

Intake Protection zones are the areas of land where special care must be taken in the use and handling of chemicals and other potential contaminants, because these areas are upstream of the intakes for municipal drinking water treatment plants. These protection areas account for the influence of runoff from heavy rains that may pick up pollutants and affect water quality in local watersheds and the near-shore waters where municipal water treatment plant intakes are located.

This area is considered high risk, as any pollutant spilled in the zone has a high probability of reaching the intake and adversely affecting the water quality. Source Protection Planning builds on the excellent work municipalities are already doing to protect drinking water.

What are the significant threats in the Essex Region?

If not managed properly, pollutants from a variety of activities on or near surface water intakes can negatively affect the quality of municipal drinking water.

Existing Significant Threats Include:

  • Existing or potential future large above grade fuel storage facilities located in the vulnerable areas in the maps below
  • Sewage discharge or storage located only in the Windsor IPZ 1 and IPZ 2 vulnerable areas map below

For more information on vulnerable areas in the Essex Region view the Assessment Report.